Ambagram or Ambigram?

The English language can be pretty complicated when it comes to spelling (and sometimes even pronouncing) the different words we have.  When it comes to words that people often make mistakes with spelling the list can seem daunting.  

One of these is the word “Ambagram”, a very common mispelling.  The real spelling of Ambagram is “Ambigram” replacing the “bag” in Ambagram for “big” for Ambigram.  Since people tend to spell Ambigram like Ambagram, we here at Wow Tattoos have decided to dedicate a page to make the distinction between the two spellings.

Saint Sinner AmbigramSo now that we know the spelling of Ambigram is not spelled Ambagram...what does this word mean anyway?  Put in simple terms, an Ambigram is a word (lets say the word "Saint” for example) that reads one way and then when turned upside down (lets say a completely different word like “Sinner”) will then read ANOTHER word when read.  So it ends up reading Saint, then when upside down says Sinner.  Literally two words within one otherwise known as a Asymmetrical Ambigram.

ArmyAn Ambigram can also be the SAME word when read one way (say the word Army) when turned upside down will STILL say matter how you look at it, this is called a Symmetrical Ambigram Designs.

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